Minion Cupcakes

MinionsWe celebrated our granddaughter’s 4th birthday today. We had a small-ish family dinner – only 19 people here today. We wanted to do something cute for her but we just couldn’t spend 3 hours per cupcake. (More power to those who do!) We were hoping for quick and easy – and we lucked out with these ADORABLE minion cupcakes.

Directions for these easy-peasy cupcakes:

First, you’ll need to gather the following:

24 cupcakes (Made from 1 box cake mix or purchased)


1 batch icing
12 Twinkies
Candy eyes or Smarties
1 tube black icing


Make cupcakes according to package directions.
Make favorite icing recipe or – gasp – even buy ready-made frosting.
Ice cupcakes
Cut Twinkies in half. Stick on top of cupcakes
Use black icing to attach eyes to Twinkie halves (if you can’t find candy eyes, attach Smarties, then add pupils with black frosting.)
Use black icing to draw glasses around eyes
Add mouth
Add hair

Enjoy the total cuteness of the minions. Seriously awesome.

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